Our Home

Mark and Carey - our house
Last year we moved into a new larger home to give us more room to grow our family. It was really fun to watch the house being built from the ground up and really make it all that we wanted! We love our new home and the boys really enjoy their playroom and have lots of fun playing together with all of their toys and games. We have a room ready for the new baby.
We love our new neighborhood and have a lot of new friends and kids for the boys to play with. We have been to several neighborhood parties and gatherings since we moved in and have really enjoyed getting to know all of the families near us. We are so excited for the brand new park that is being built directly across the street from our house this Spring. We are looking forward to playing there every day this summer! One of our favorite things to do is go for bike rides on the bike paths that run behind our subdivision and lead up to the elementary school near our house. This is a great place to raise our family and we are excited to share it with a new baby girl.