Our Sons

Mark and Carey with their sons
Quinn is such a sweet boy. He loves Legos, Pokémon, playing with his iPad, reading, going to school, and being outside playing with his friends and brothers. He is so smart and says the funniest things. Every teacher and parent that knows Quinn says what a sweet and loving boy he is.
Parker and Carson have brought so much energy and love to our house. They are sweet and loving!
They love to run through the house as superheroes, build with Legos, and wrestle with each other. We spend countless hours outside playing, swimming when it’s warm, and riding bikes. They both love their big brother and have such different and unique personalities. We are excited for the new park to be built across the street so we can have adventures there in the summer.
Our boys often ask when they will have a sister and have told us that, “baby sisters are adorable”, on numerous occasions. They have been so excited to add a little sister to our family and it is our hope that we can fulfill this dream of ours.